Sisters, Kid Authors, Scholars, Hoopers whatever term you use to describe the Smith girls just make sure it isn’t inside of a box.

Kamille and Kamryn Smith are children’s book authors that will make history by holding a book signing at the 2023 Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.


The success of this journey is no accident as the girls have been straight A students since they have been in school and have already put in thousands of hours of reading. Kamille was the first to publish a book and she did it at 9 years old. She saw her father publish a book and decided to follow in his footsteps. After her first book she had her first TV appearance and the article about her book was featured on Yahoo! She even held a book signing at Perkins Stone Mansion and John Brown House in Akron, Ohio. If you know your history then you’ll know that was a place that helped with the abolishment of slavery. Fast forward to 2023 and she is now doing speaking engagements at schools, churches and community events with her books all with the motive of helping girls all over the world feel empowered. Her second book “Switching Up My Hair, My Hair” was created to help girls accept their hair in its natural state. She was a featured Black History speaker at multiple elementary buildings and plans to keep spreading her message.


Kamryn is the energetic, charismatic and fearless one of the bunch. During her first book signing she was in an interview and stated “I just think people should be themselves and not copy off of other people.” This signing was held at Elizabeth’s book store in Akron, OH that was founded by Rachel Cargle, an African American activist, public speaker and author. Kamile and Kamryn hosted a writing workshop during the signing where they showed youth ages 6-12 the steps and formula that it took to write their books.

Kamryn said that she is going to create a comic book next and is heavy with many of the arts. She is involved in many sports too so watching this duo blossom is going to be a wonderful thing.

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